Why you should try Freestyle Writing

Freestyle Writing is not a novel concept. It’s something that’s been practiced by writers for a very long time. But, its usefulness is often overlooked. Freestyle writing is for everyone who writes and wants to write better.

What is Freestyle Writing?

Freestyle writing is when you write whatever comes to your mind, without regard for correct punctuation, grammar or structure. It’s basically allowing your mind to flow on a topic that you want to write about.

When I wrote blog posts, I would write and edit as I went along. I’d do one review before I posted to check for any obvious errors. However, this never felt efficient and often I would just not end up writing. Other times, I would start a post that I thought would be really great, only to stop after two paragraphs because I didn’t have enough to say. I realize now that I could have probably done much better if I tried freestyle writing.

How do you write freestyle?

It’s a simple concept. Use whatever tools make you comfortable. The idea is to write as much as possible. I like a simple software called Composition for Mac. There’s no formatting, no grammar suggestions so you can write hassle-free. Nowadays, I’ve started using Google Docs because it means I can sync it with my phone, so I can write anywhere. All you need to do is resist the temptation to correct your work with the suggestions. When I’m particularly feeling blocked, I use a yellow pad and a ball point. For me, nothing beats writing by hand.

Once you’ve written out what you want without any editing, give it a break. Go back to it after an hour, maybe two or even a whole day. Then read it again to see what makes sense.

Ask yourself: Does this make sense? Am I able to successfully get my point across to the reader? If yes, great… you’re on the right track. If no, re-write.

Once you’ve reached the stage where you feel that you’ve been able to convey your central idea, start to edit your work to enhance what you have to say. May be changing a few sentences around can reinforce your point. May be cutting out a few sentences can make your paragraph more impactful. Review for spelling and grammar and you’re on your way to publishing a post which will be much better.

Benefits of Freestyle Writing

  • It helps you get your ideas on paper so you don’t forget them
  • It helps you speed up the process of writing in the long run as you don’t lose your train of thought
  • It helps you churn out more content
  • It helps you write more because you don’t have to criticize yourself while writing
  • It makes you better at generating ideas and writing
  • It weeds out your bad ideas from your good ones

The whole idea is to get your thoughts out without interruption. At first it may seem like what you are writing is gibberish. It may not seem good to you at all. But I promise you, with time you will see your writing take shape. You will feel the ideas and the words start to flow and you’ll be churning out more content in no time.

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