Why I’m Choosing to Self-Publish on Medium

It’s not why you think

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I’m the kind of person who can’t sit still for too long. I like mixing things up. So for the month of December, I’m running my own writing experiment on Medium. I’ve decided to self-publish more.

And it’s not why you think. Most people will think that I’ve got a lot of rejections. To be fair, I’ve managed to get published by some of the most amazing publications on Medium, including one with the largest circulation. So my choice has nothing to do with getting rejections.

I probably wont stop submitting to mass publications but my focus is on me for the last month of the year. Publications are a great way to get your work noticed on this platform and I’ve taken advantage of it. There’s no doubt that it’s helped my stats immensely. Now, I’d like to do something a little different.

Here’s why I think Self-Publishing can be a good thing.

Writing without Inhibition

When I write an article to submit to an established publication, I know that I’m a little cautious. I overthink every idea and every sentence. This can’t always be good for my writing. The best writing is when you have no inhibitions. It’s akin to what people call going into a flow state or being in the zone. While it shouldn’t matter where I write, ultimately I feel like my subconscious does hinder the flow of my writing.

Publishing More Quickly = Publishing More Often

Submitting to publications involves a process. You submit your work and wait. Either you get feedback or you don’t. Most people are very decent and respond within a couple of days. Some publications don’t respond and you need to keep track of submitting your article to a different publication and the cycle starts all over again. Sometimes you may not agree with the feedback you receive from an editor and you don’t want to submit your work. The bottom line is, it can take time to get your articles published.

I just want to cut to the chase and hit the publish button more often.

Experimenting With Your Writing Style

Most publications have a preference for writing styles. I can completely understand why. They want articles that will be read more often, are evergreen and appeal to the masses. Not that I don’t want any of these qualities in my writing but, I’d also like to change up my style a little bit. Some styles may work, some may not. But, I’ll never know until I try. I don’t have that liberty with established publications.

Give Your Own Publications a Chance

I created two publications on Medium — Ideas at Work and Banking on The Market. The former focuses on writing, life lessons and self improvement; the latter focuses on Finance, Entrepreneurship and the Financial Markets. Since I started these publications, I’ve given them very little time. I would really like to give these publications a fair shot and see where they go.

When you start submitting to mass publications and your writing gets promoted, you get hooked. It’s so alluring to keep submitting to publications with a high follower count that you can lose sight of your own work. Building your own publication and follower count is a challenge. So it’s very natural to want to submit to established publications because it’s just so much easier to get your work noticed.

I know for a fact that my readership will go down once I stop submitting to established publications. It’s a risk worth taking to explore my writing potential and what works for me. There’s no failing in this experiment, there can only be learning. Surely self-publishing for a month will teach me something and I’ll be sure to come in a month to tell you what I’ve learned.

Mother, consultant, banker | Love writing, coffee, reading and rain... not necessarily in that order | Always on the Self-Improvement Bandwagon

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