Stop Focusing on What Other People are Doing

You need to put in the work for yourself

I know a lot of people who envy people getting lucky when they haven’t put in the work. They see people rise to the top by playing politics.

These people don’t put in the effort, don’t know much, yet, somehow they seem to catch a lucky break and reach to senior positions within organizations. The same goes for people who land high-paying jobs, or get lucky with some sort of business. Many of these people really don’t have skill or substance yet, their raking in the bucks.

I’ve never really been bothered by people like that and neither should you. When I look at myself, I look at only myself. Yes we compare ourselves to others to strive to be better. But, in the end the only real competition should be with yourself.

In fact I’ve always felt a little sorry for people who manage to make it to the top without any effort. Not only do they not realize the satisfaction that comes from hard work but, they haven’t learned anything in the process. I hope the day never comes when I haven’t learned something.

There’s always something beautiful about putting in the work. If you want something that is sustainable and valuable, you need to put in the work. And I don’t mean acting like machine and mindlessly going about your business.

You need to make an effort to learn your job and excel at it. You need to make an effort to find ways to improve yourself. You need to want to be the best at every stage of your life and career. Eventually, it will pay off because you can’t keep a good person down.

Don’t worry too much about who’s going where and who’s doing what. Your time will come, if you really want it. Focus on yourself, focus on being better. Put in the work.

Mother, consultant, banker | Love writing, coffee, reading and rain... not necessarily in that order | Always on the Self-Improvement Bandwagon

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