My Wish for 2021: Hope

A little bit of reflection on what has been a year to remember

As we come to the end of the year, I thought I would have something profound to say. Yet, I find myself at a loss for the right words. I find myself feeling a little empty thinking about all the people whose lives will never be the same again.

This is not a year anyone can describe, although many are trying.

There are places around the world where people are getting ready to celebrate the New Year and I wonder to myself whether that is prudent, I wonder whether that is right. I know the news of a vaccine is something to celebrate, but may not just yet. Maybe we still need to remember everything that’s happened before we’re so quick to move on.

I know that people feel like they want to put this year behind them. I know that many want to start fresh. I know many want to erase the memory of what has happened.

But, what about people who cannot erase the memory, the people left with scars?

What about the people who have lost their jobs, their incomes, their businesses? Worse still, what about all the people who have lost their loved ones? What we’ve been seeing are numbers on a webpage but, in reality every number meant something to someone.

So many lives have been lost, and many more lives have been ruined. And it’s not over. So what are people celebrating?

I know there’s hope that the world will see light again. I live with a lot of hope in my heart. But, I hardly think this is the time to celebrate.

But, it’s time to mourn a little first. It’s time to pay our respects to the people who fought and lost. It is a time to stand in solidarity with the doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, firefighters, grocery store clerks, bank tellers, security guards, public transport personnel… I could go on. We need to salute all the people who have continually put their life on the line day after day to make our lives better. To save us and serve us.

It is a time for us to just be quiet and grateful that some of us have made it through.

This also a time to ponder, about what we have learned. All this tragedy should have taught us humility instead it has taught many hubris.

It has taught many how to bend the rules and how to avoid being caught, and not to mention how to be arrogant about it. It has taught us that there is no empathy in many for the fellow man, for being selfish seems to be the true way of this world. We speak out in favor of doing the right thing, yet when it comes to actually playing by the rules, we have failed. We are hypocrites and nothing more. Even the most understanding people have surprised me and I’ve lost a little of my faith in humanity.

But I remember reading somewhere, that the great thing about faith is not whether you have it, but how many times it can be restored. And I do believe that my faith can be restored. I am hopeful that people will have learned something by the time this is all over. And it will be over some day.

I am hopeful that next year will be a better year. I am hopeful that there will be those who will stand up and continue to fight the good fight. I am hopeful that there is still humanity left in some of us, if not most of us.

Here’s wishing you a safe New Year filled with hope.

Mother, consultant, banker | Love writing, coffee, reading and rain... not necessarily in that order | Always on the Self-Improvement Bandwagon

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