Lessons Learned: Starting out as an Independent Consultant

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The Work Hours

The one thing I always tried to maintain throughout my work life was to avoid working on weekends. I would have to occasionally open the laptop at home, but I tried never to go into work.

The Money

There is always the worry of money not coming in and dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing where my next deal will come from. I had prepared myself for the worst. However, I didn’t expect to be running out of money so soon.

The People

I’ve definitely gotten to meet a host of interesting characters. Even after walking this earth for 38 years and meeting hundreds of different types of people, I’m surprised. May be shocked is a better word.

The Support System

The consulting game is not easy and it’s more of a challenge when you’re working on your own. You’re constantly on the go which means having the right equipment, great organizing skills and superior time management.

1. Don’t’ think you will have the easy work hours because you don’t have a full-time job

2. Plan your money and be extremely careful

3. Be careful with people… regardless of who they are

4. Learn to work on the go and have good time management skills

As someone said to me recently…

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