How to Deal with a Bully at Work: Recognize the Signs (Part 1)

Photo by from Pexels

Recognize the Signs

There’s an important distinction between people who are bad and people who are bullies.

The Joker

There is the sort of people who are constantly making deprecating jokes and trying to point out negative issues with comments that seem light-hearted. Most of these people are insecure about themselves and they tend to hide behind their cruel jokes.

The Aggressor

These people are usually angry and aggressive. They take the opposite stance of the joker.

The Gossip Queen

These people can just as well create a hostile working environment as the others. The gossip queens usually have their own cliques and, they create a situation where you may be an outcast.

The Con Artist

While not technically a bully, the con artist can end up hurting you and your career.

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