Where does one stop and the other one begin?

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Let’s take the example of a guy who recently told me about closing a deal with Blackstone, one the largest investment firms in the world. While I didn’t say anything immediately, I realized that Blackstone would never be involved in a deal like that. 17 years in the financial industry has me taught something; it’s taught me how to smell a blatant lie.

Another example is of a person who…

Writing may be hard work but, it shouldn’t be difficult. For over a month, it’s been difficult for me. Not only have I been completely absorbed by work, I’ve also…


An important asset that can give you more information than you think

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Screenshot by Author from BMY financial statements

An often overlooked item on the balance sheet is Goodwill. I mean it’s just sitting there, right? It doesn’t really do anything and doesn’t move much, at least not anymore. In their zeal for analyzing the results, most people skip over the Goodwill item and head straight for the Revenues and Earnings, because that’s what drives the numbers, and therefore, stock prices.

Most of us live under the misconception that since it’s an asset, it’s a good thing. After all, isn’t that we’ve always learned: Assets = Good; Liabilities = Bad.

Ask an accountant, and you’ll get a very simple…

The world has changed and so should you

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For the longest time, I’ve always thought that people care about me. I’ve always thought my manager would promote me because he cares about my well-being. I’ve always thought that my friends reach out to me because they want to help me.

Turns out none of this is true. There are a few people in your life that will genuinely care about you. You may not recognize it immediately, but eventually you will realize what you really mean to people.

I don’t mean for this to sound like a pity party. Honestly, I can completely understand the feeling. We only…

There have been some interesting trends in the market. Seems like all the soothsayers were right. People are being asked not to go back to work; “working from home” is…

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A little bit of reflection on what has been a year to remember

This is not a year anyone can describe, although many are trying.

There are places around the world where people are getting ready to celebrate the New Year and I wonder to myself whether that is prudent, I wonder whether that is right. I know the news of a vaccine is…


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

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Happiness is elusive to most people. Somewhere along the way of life, we get lost on the path in search of our happiness. That’s because we don’t know where we’re going. We don’t sit and think about what happiness would like for us. We have some abstract idea in our head that we think would make us happy, but how many people actually visualize living life like that.

Define Your Happiness

It’s important to know what you want if you want to attain it. I see people putting up vision boards and making bucket lists. Excellent ideas but, if you want to make…

I started a new blog without the hope to earn money. When I started writing on Medium, the idea was to get back into the flow of writing. I’d always had a personal blog but, never gave it much time or attention. It was more a place for me to reflect, than anything else.

And then I discovered Medium with a vast community of writers who were very supportive of new writers or renewed writers, if you’d like. This really propelled my motivation to keep writing. And that’s when I realized that in this busy world, the best way for…

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You need to put in the work for yourself

These people don’t put in the effort, don’t know much, yet, somehow they seem to catch a lucky break and reach to senior positions within organizations. The same goes for people who land high-paying jobs, or get lucky with some sort of business. Many of these people really don’t have skill or substance yet, their raking in the bucks.

I’ve never really been bothered by people like that and neither should you…

Working with people can be challenging

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Today I got an email from someone saying that her original decision was correct. The lady refused to acknowledge that circumstances have changed and consequently, her original decision should be revised.

This got me thinking about how difficult it is for professional people to say that they may have been wrong and they stand corrected.

You know what, it really is difficult and for some very good reasons. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Admitting a Mistake can Have Real Consequences

This is not the first time I’ve come across a professional refusing to accept that they may have been wrong and this certainly…

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